Oil & Gas

Since the advent of the industrial revolution, Oil and Gas has become the life line of the major and developing economies worldwide. It is an established fact that the growth of a sector depends on the potential to employ people as well as the availability of good human resource. Oil and Gas is a sector that has been re-inventing itself into the next growth driven and Sri Krishna HR is making an all-out effort to make sure that our clients in the sector get best of the talent.

Oil and Gas sector is a technically inclined sector and are heavily dependent on talent with technical qualifications. The challenge that most of the organizations face is that of identifying talent with experience in the relevant areas such as pipeline engineering, off-shore rigs and refineries, as well as the ability to contribute to the specific demands of the industry.

Our Position:

It is important to devise a management plan that is competent enough to handle the skilled manpower as well unskilled manpower, which is the driving force of this industry. We have employed a team of experts who have in depth knowledge of the industry and use their inept experience to provide the best of the talent. Our research team is always assessing the trends in the industry and thereby foresees the future requirements in this domain.

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