Manpower Recruitment

If you in the search of candidates for different job vacancies at your company, then this is the perfect destination for you….

Try us to find the difference. We offer 100% professional assistance for junior to senior level Manpower Recruitment across diverse verticals. Large pool of talent and strong networking associates enable us to continently identify and direct the right person for every job role. From candidate line-up, interview, selection/ rejection intimation, etc., to salary negotiation, we offer complete assistance in all.

Sri Krishna HR has a team of well-qualified and experienced HR Professionals. They capably analyze the requirement and recruit only suitable candidates. Being the experts in Manpower Recruitment, we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for all your manpower needs. Whether the company is big or small, we are able to gauge its manpower requirement and hence provide an apt solution. Keeping in mind the nature of business and nature of the project of our client, we make the estimate of client’s staffing requirement. For any kind of project or undertaking, we can provide you with adept professionals.

When you sign us on, we take care of your total employee management. In effect, we would be working like your company’s own HR department.
Our role begins with the client's need and we go to great lengths to understand the nature and complexity of the client's business. It is this power that helps us to provide our clients with candidates who are of the right profile.

Clear strategies. We strive to achieve need-based solutions based on relationships with clients and candidates, response time and value addition at all stages of the recruitment process

Our consultants go beyond the normal mode of sourcing profiles from portals. We network through referencing, social media and headhunting. As a result, we find it quite easy to source even passive talents, who otherwise not available in the job market.

Ultimately "the process" that matters most. If the fundamental search process or system is in place, it does not matter which position or industry the consultant is catering to.

Sri Krishna HRs has adopted advanced recruitment process that addresses the three aspects such as:

  • enchmarking : We adopt the industry’s best benchmarks to select right candidate with right qualifications, skills required and the experience essential for each job opening and check the same with candidates’ databank.
  • In-depth Interviews : We use in-depth Interviews to assess technical, professional, managerial, psychological, emotional and mental skills of the candidates and explore their aptitudes, talents, preferences, etc. to the specific requirements.
  • Screening the Profiles : We emphasize on selecting the right profiles with right skills and right attitude to help clients effectively. After all mandatory tests, interviews and norms, we deploy candidates with the clients on permanent, temporary, project and contract basis. We also assure guaranteed service so that, in case any of the candidates is terminated within the mutually agreed time period, we provide the replacement totally at free of cost.

In an ever evolving market, our success derives from professional recruitment techniques combined with a true understanding of our client's technical and commercial needs.

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